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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  September 23, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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talking about detours, with my producer, as well. headed out of northeast philadelphia, do you have few options, getting you outside, we describe the incident scene, then talk about alternates. if you are traveling 95, southbound, as erika just mentioned at bridge street, this is the scene of overturned tractor-trailer. debris is snot only spilled in the southbound lanes, but northbound lables, as well, because this truck flipped over to the northbound lanes, while traveling southbound. now, as we zoom into the shot, notice, extremely active scene. also notice we do have crane on scene, as well. flip over this truck, eventually, they're going have to shut down 95 southbound, because reporting traffic for as long as i've been, that's usually the case. so, with rush hour, 95 southbound, could be potentially shutdown. with that being said, let's move to the maps. we will talk about alternates. commuting in the southbound direction 95, if you are headed into downtown philadelphia, if you are headed out of northeast, stay on the roosevelt boulevard, continue down through the schuylkill. or, stay on the roosevelt
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boulevard, make left at aramingo, you can jump on 95 there. or, if you like lights, stay on area minor it, will dump you on delaware. few ways to get around it. i'm nor'easter, i can help you out with. that will still one lane either direction both northbound and southbound at that incident scene. we will definitely continue to keep you updated for sure. and regards to your rush, not really seeing too much after problem, the only problem is that 95 incident. how much, we don't have too much after problem for weather. it is just little bit chilly out there, katy? >> basically the exact story i was going to offer up for you here today. torrey, you know, things looking very, very quiet. by comparison, to the traffic scenario right now, on storm scan3, so, at least we have that going for us, no weather-related concerns for us, until that sun comes up, then starts to mess with you, in terms every sunday glare. if you are trying to travel eastbound. but quiet, storm scan three high pressure in place, that said, i want to take you to feature weather next, even though today looks beautiful, we jump ahead to 4:00 p.m.,
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bright sunshine, we start to see the clouds thicken tomorrow. but we will also start to warm things up a little bit. you can see, what the leading edge of this next storm system has cents to offer up. some soaking rain, as early as wednesday night, but specially a thursday concern, and looking at the time stamps on this, avenue feeling that we will be live on the air when the brunt of this is coming through, with "eyewitness news" this morning, so you definitely want to make sure to tune in on thursday morning, and, every morning, we love to see you. meanwhile, temperatures, little on the chilly side obviously, almost everybody's into the 40's, say for s urban corridor pretty much here. fifty-two dover, wilmington, up 95 to philly, and the list goes on. where it is just a chill chillier start. whole region has seen that reinforcing shot of cool air, build in here, so, despite bright sunshine, the solar angle getting lower and lower with every passing day, amount of daylight getting shorter and shorter with every passing day. so, we can't warm up as easily, as a result, we will
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get to you 70, but that's the best we can hope for. so at least expect that sunshine. ukee, back over to you. >> katie, thank you. we continue to follow the latest breaking developments in in the middle east, coalition of forces led by the united states, launched first air strikes in syria, against the isis millitant group. officials say fighter jets, bombers, crews missiles, targeted more than dozen areas. it is believed nearly 20,000 isis fighters are based in syria. stay with "eyewitness news", we continue to get more details from the middle eels, also follow us on line at also, breaking in the middle east this morning, israel says it shot down syrian fighter jet that enters its air space. it is not clear what the plane was doing there. israel has mostly stayed out of syria's civil war. erika? >> fifteen year old girl just walking home from school is a victim every gunfire. now, police are looking for the gunman who killed her, and also, wounded a 19 year old man. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo, joins us at einstein
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medical center near the scene of that shooting. jan? >> police reviewing surveillance system, down the street from the subway station where the whole incident started. hoping the video can help pinpoint a suspect. police say looking for teenage gunman, victims in this case, also teenage, 19 year old in critical condition, 15 year old shot and killed. now this all started right around 4:00 yesterday afternoon outside every medical certain it, stemmed from incident nearby. they say group before 50 teenagers, many of them students got into a fight at the olney transportation center, group then made its way south on broad street, and old york road, and that's when the shooting happened. police say teenage gunman took weapon out from student's back pack, started firing, 19 year old man was shot twice, and is now in critical condition at the hospital.
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and 15 year old girl shot and killed, police say an innocent bystander walking home from a friend from delaware charity high school. >> it makes absolutely no sense, absolutely no excuse for it, like i said, more than our share every guns here, but more than our share every ignorant people that use them. now, police continue to search for this teenage gunman this morning. police sources cents tell "eyewitness news" that that fight at the septa train station was probably retaliation for another fight that happened earlier during which a young woman was beaten. anyone with information, is asked to call police. we're reporting live in olney, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> jan, thank you. meanwhile investigators in delaware still trying to figure out what caused a deadly bus crash. two people killed sunday when the bus roll over on route one, near red lion road, in new castle county. forty-eight others were hurt. the bus was full of sightseers, headed from washington, d.c. to new york city.
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investigators have questioned the driver, and so far, they have ruled out drugs and alcohol. 5:36. time for business report this morning. >> we want to check in with money watch's jill wagner up at the stock exchange, stories, and an interest's dago news for us, good morning. >> good morning, ukee, erika. shoe lovers rejoice. you can shoemaker, jimmy choo, gone public, plans to list its shares on the london stock exchanges, that ipo could value jimmy chew at more than billion dollars. the high ends shoe market is one of the fastest growing categories in the luxury goods worlds. we'll see if invest kearse turn things around today, dow tumbled 107 points yesterday. the nasdaq lost 52. spirit airlines, as we know, known for charging extra, for just about everything, and now the low-cost carrier is hiking baggage fees, by $2, between december 18th and january 5th. spirit says it wants to encourage customers to pacca
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bit lighter. so more bags can squeeze in, during the busy holiday season. and, move over, pumpkin spice latte. starbucks is test ago coffee that tastes like beer. the dark latte's made with expresso topped with whitt cream and carmel, for now available forehand full of stores in florida, getting mixed reviews depending whether you want beer in the morning. ukee, err dismay. >> i think that's a question that needs quite a bit more thought. >> i'll have an orange juice, please. >> i'm with you, i'll keep me tea tea. >> pen at senate -- senate could vote today. house passed bill yesterday 114-84. the 2-dollar per pack tax is supposed to help philadelphia's cash strapped school system, governor tom corbett promise to go sign it when it reaches his deskment meanwhile, the governor and businessman, tom wolf, squared off in the first debate yesterday. they sparred over taxes, state finances and public school
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spending at the state chamber of commerce dinner in hershey. wolf said corbett failed to keep the economy on track to the detriment of schools. corbett shot back that can you not spend what you don't have, and the goal is to keep a bald budget. now, next debate will be at the studios of our sister station 1060. it is airing breakfast with the candidates wednesday, october 1st, at 8:00 a.m. will also be streaming it live. have a question for the candidates? tweet us with hashtag cbs philly debate. your question might be the one we ask. well, new jersey governor chris christie is opening up about his weight loss. new york times reports christie told donors at fundraiser that he shed 85 pounds, in the last year and a half, governor christie underwent lap bands surgery in february of 2013, you may remember, now, he wouldn't say how much he ways now, but the governor admits he needs to slim down if he wants to set his sites on the white house in 2016. good for him. that's good work. >> all about the health.
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>> right now 538. little girl gets quite in quite a predicament. you have to see how she was saved after getting her head stuck in a teapot. >> a teapot? >> a teapot. >> wow. mark zuckerberg not making many friends among his neighbors. find out why they're furious with the facebook founder. katie? >> ukee, today certainly feels like fall for sure. the first full day of the new season bringing you sunshine and cool air, and crispness to the air. but it, won't last for long. actually going to warm things up for you and bring in some steady rain along the way, too. we'll time everything out for you, have your full forecast on the other side. >> questions being raised about cockpit security. >> scary, it is scar. >> i i'm charlotte hoffman. tonight at 11:00 former air marshall and many others say we're still vulnerable to terrorist attack, but proposal to fix the problem isn't going anywhere. >> capitol hill, find out why, eye team exclusive
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>> lane restrictions both directions near bridge street, i95. trash truck overturned about 3:30 this morning. >> fifteen year old innocent bystander was killed in a 19 year old is critically
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injured, we're told, after a shooting in olney. police say that shooting started after a fight at broad and olney at the subway station there. the united states and fire arab nation haves fired crews missiles, dropped bombs, on islamic state millitant locations in syria. also, israel reports, it has shot down syrian plane, in israeli air space overnight. >> secret service just added extra fence to keep people away from the white house. the move comes after two high profile security scares, including one, where a man with a knife walked through an unlock door. a man from shamong was also arrested after he drove up to a gate and refused to leave. >> scary situation, during a flight, passenger jumped up from his seat, and tried to open the cabin door. this is cell phone video taken by another passenger. luckily, an off-duty officer, was also on that flight.
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>> helped subdue a passenger until they were safely on the grounds. >> he was mumbling about how i don't want to be a violent person, we're sitting in the front row, little concerned, watching what's happening. >> now the plane had to be diverted to omaha, nebraska, once he was removed the flight continue to its original destination in los angeles. right now 5:43, waking to up some chilly temperatures on first full day of fall. >> we slutly r we are actually looking ahead now, erika, to many with a g trends in the days ahead here. that's actually in part due to the fact that we've got storm system brewing well off to the south right now. so, you can see the combination of it, on storm scan3, it is basically coastal portion out to sea, but will event lib the system that rolls north, see the leading edge of the cloud cover, and yes, once this starts to get its act together it, will lift north, and then we eventually ends up with some rain specifically thursday timing on. >> this so when we take you
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through future weather here, i don't think do you have worry about anything in the way of wet weather here until at least, there we go, at least, wednesday night at the absolute earlier, so notice storm starting to creep north here, with time, we move it forward, looks like it is mainly morning issue, notice the time stamp here thursday 7:00 a.m. live on the air when the brunt of this is coming on through, and then it will just start to move right out to sea, high pressure regains control, takes the lead. so by friday morning, we should start to clear out quickly here, but i could still see maybe residual shower. how does it pan out when it comes to future rain and the? >> up until 9:00 a.m. thursday, inch on the ground, big mess for commuters. when the bulk will come n general expectation at least according to this particular model, anywhere one to 2 inches every rain in total out of the storm system. that's going to be a soggy thursday. that's basically how it is cents lookingment meantime, though, we give you solid a here for the school day
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forecast, beautiful, bright sunshine, starting only in the 50's, though. make sure the kids are bundled up out there. outlying suburbs, will very likely not even break out of the 50's, at that point, so do keep that in mind. it will be chillier through the outlying suburbs, nice day regardless. rash hashana kicks off sunset tomorrow. more clouds to limit the sunset beauty there unfortunately, but, thursday, is the day, right now, that looks like it requires an umbrella otherwise not looking too bad. vittoria. over to you. >> thank you, katie. good morning, everyone, 95 southbound, overturned truck situation. we have been talking about it all morning long. as our breaking news story, what you are looking at here, zoom in of the overturned truck crash. this is actually a crane, that they're going to use to upright that overturned tractor-trailer. the incident occurred on the southbound side. but the tractor-trailer had flipped on the northbound side. so in either direction, it is one lane only northbound and southbound, and look, at the debris, you can see the guardrail just twisted, as a result of this incident. now, because it is only one
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lane only in either direction, seeing delays generally speaking in this area. we're not seeing too much volume building on the northbound side, and even southbound, trailing back some of our cameras, just to make sure about the delay, and it is not awful. but, it is still still so early, 5:46. really just inning closer and closer to the rush, generally speaking, the 95 southbound delay will only grow. so headed on 95 southbound, into center city, if you would be taking this commute probably a good idea if you are traveling out of northeast, stay on the roosevelt boulevard, continue down through to the schuylkill, or even before you get there, stay on the boulevard, make a left on aramingo, access 95 that way, as well. so, just give yourself more time. generally speaking in regard to the rest of your commute, not bad. ooh on the schuylkill, 55 on 476, even a five on 202. but don't forget, when you are on the road, you can get updated traffic information about backups in your area with the new your drive app. probably would come in hand which mornings like today. you can download that app for the iphone and android devices
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cents by going to drive. >> word is dislike. >> facebook founder mark zuckerberg is not making any friends among his neighbors. >> that's y construction sounds like that are driving zuckerberg's neighbors crazy in san francisco. as he renovates his $10 million home. neighbors also complain the people hired by the zuckerberg's are taking up parking spaces on the street. those are such a premium in san francisco. they have to deal with it for awhile. seems construction will not be finished until next spring. because the house just wasn't quite right. >> $10 million? geez. >> chris jenner making permanent by filing for divorce from her husband, bruce. >> the papers were filed yesterday in los angeles county. you may recall troubles in their marriage well documented
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on family's reality show keeping up with the kardashian's, couple split up last summer after 22 years of marriage. after a big opening weekend at the box office, 20th century fox announces a seek quill to the maze runner. the seconds installment of the series, the scorch trials, will hit theatres next september. the films are based on young adult triligy. and, there are rumors that the third book, the death cure, might also be adapted, maze runner brought in more than $81 million world-wide. and, hey, little reminder for you. don't miss your chance to come on down to be the next contestant on the price is right. we are hosting a contestant search at sugarhouse casino between noon and 3:00 friday afternoon. two winners will fly to los angeles for taping of the show. one of them is guaranteed a spot, on contestant's rowment you could rock this out. we put all of the details for you on >> i just love the bouncing right here. hey, getting ready to hit the
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road for the friday football frenzy. we need to know which high school football game to send sport director beasley reese tonight here's how to show how you can cast your vote. >> i need your help. where is my featured game? to down road the road show app, go there, find cbs-3. and from there, you are looking for what? the friday football frenzy, and our spot pole is how are you going to vote? here are options this week. see the circumstance tolls click on, ryan, woodrow, or shawnee at washington township. download t give me your vote. tell me where to go. give me my marching orders for the friday football frenzy. >> all right, reese. well, tough night for the met many bank bulldogs in south dakota, game they lost 51 to nothing, now, one of the extra points was low, and bounced
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off a mill bank helmet. and up and over the cross bar. adding insult to injury. it took the referee a minute, but they ruled it was good. good. >> that's ' shame. >> off the hell mel? >> lots of lessons in the game to learn. now, it is cents 5:50, and before you walk out the door, get the latest on this big mess, on 95, after a truck spilled trash all over the highway, both north and southbound. >> torrey has your detours, but first a look at what's coming up tonighght right here on cbs-3. be right back.
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>> so many spots in the 40's, wildwood, ac, yesterday in the 60s, really far cry from that. at the beaches today, beautiful looking day. the uv index is dropping. we also have a low rip countries being, which is good news, but it is cool outside. so, lovely to take a walk, maybe not so hot to be taking a dip out there. starting to get to be that time of year, right? but really nice day, as we officially usher in the first full day of autumn. vet tore y over to you. >> not so hot traveling on 95 either. let's get you right outside. chopper three over the scene of our breaking news story. what you are looking at, this is 95 southbound, overturned trash truck situation. we do have emergency teams on scene, as well as a crane on scene, to get this uprighted, and get you moving. hopefully, as soon as possible, but what we are dealing with are lanes, not only on the southbound side, but northbound lanes, being
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compromised, as well, so one lane only in either direction, northbound, southbound, of 95 right at bridge street. we will continue to keep you updated on this for sure. but the best alternate that you can take right now if you are headed out of the northeast to avoid this pocket of volume, as you approach the accident scene, would be to stay on the roosevelt roosevelt boulevard. you can take aramingo avenue or justin right on to the schuylkill expressway. we'll have whole lot more when we c
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>> firefighters saved the day as they often do, this three year olds girl with her head stuck in a teapot, tee booth, maybe at a lost, but the little girl is fine. that's good. really. >> coming up in the next hour, breaking news, american jets strike hard against isis
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targets in syria. >> also, traffic nightmare, just in time of course for your mororning commute. , overturned truck stills trash all over 95. vittoria has your detours coming up. >> also, how your breath could help diagnosis disease. we're back in two minutes, see you at the top of the hour. good morning
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we are following a bridge or breaking story on i at. traffic is back up after overturned tractor-trailer dumped trash all over the i-95 highway. heads up if you use that section of the highway. this is right at bridge street. the accident happened in the southbound lanes, but this is impacting both directions right now. with only one lane getting by, we'll check in with torrey in just a few minutes to help you get around that must, once again, if you use that area. >> also, more breaking news
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right now. new details continue to come in from syria, where a coalition of forces led by the us launched air strikes against the isis millitant group. some of the first pictures are now just coming into "eyewitness news", we have them for you right here, showing explosions off in the distance. cbs news correspondent marl ' hall takes closer look at the latest breaking developments. the us and five arab allies launch first air strikes against isis in syria last night, pentagon officials say mix every fighter jets, bombers, tomahawk missiles, fire from near guy warships used to destroy isis tarring nets four areas, including rocca the group's strong holds. >> targets are command and control centers, training facilities, and logistics, known target. >> video campaign comes after weeks of air strikes targeting isis in neighboring iraq. >> the president will join world leaders here, at the united nations general assembly today, he is expected


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